Repeatable Sales Funnels Equals Time Saved

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Repeatable Sales Funnels Equals Time Saved

My History On Funnels

Those of you that know me in the marketing world, hear me talk and teach (rant and rave actually) about the importance of strong Sales Funnels and being able to have them do the heavy-lifting for you.  I mean, who wouldn’t like a cash syphon that worked on autopilot?  It all sounds good when you say it, but truth be known….it’s a pain in the rear to setup, even if you have done several before.

Every funnel has it’s own set of dynamics that add to it’s complexity.  Every client has their own way of engaging their customers and each likes to handle their sales process a little differently.  Because of this, the project that should only take a few days ends up taking weeks to get right at times.FMG_Funnel_Assistance


I have spent time over the years with creating mindmaps, shared campaign codes in AWeber and GetResponse and countless other “Templatized” assets that assist me in speeding the process along.  The one thing that I never end up with is an actual plug-n-play blueprint that I can use repeatedly.  Because of this, I still end up copying and pasting my life away with all the templates I have lying around.

Ah…Finally…A Blueprint!

Well, I knew if I either created one myself or waited long enough, SOMEONE would get around to creating an actual blueprint that is actionable and easy.  My associate, Mark Thompson has been releasing strong marketing solutions for several years now.  I have been a loyal customer and fan of his “List Eruption” WordPress Plugin.  It has grown my email subscriber lists into the thousands by using his Social Sharing solutions.

His most recent creation is one of his best yet in my opinion.  I have watched all the videos and training and can honestly say that his “done-for-you” sales funnels are perfect for most scenarios such as perpetual webinar funnels, digital products and membership sites.  The core product started out as a Dimesale on JVZoo and has just recently increased in price to $37 at the time of this article being written.  There are some fantastic bonuses with the product, including a full set of “done-for-you” funnel templates that are ready customize and implement.  It also comes with a full set of Swipe files that are ready to edit and use.

There will be several One Time Offers that are presented for Mark’s various other products like “VoiceStak” and “Easy VSL”, but they are purely optional.

Why Am I Promoting FunnelStak?

You are probably wondering why I am promoting FunnelStak.  Combined with my expertise in making it all come together, I am going to give you some really unique bonuses if you choose to purchase it from me.   One of the bonus items with FunnelStak is a set of ready-to-use Funnel Templates.  The templates are created in OptimizePress. Because I am an Enterprise OptimizeMember client, I will throw in a full license along with OptimizeMember ($299 value) and install it on a WordPress installation of your choice at no extra charge.  All we need to do is have a brief phone or Skype call and determine if a funnel is right for you.  If we decide to do business together, the bonuses are yours to keep.

Once you have purchased it, simply email me your sales receipt to

Click on the banner below to grab your copy while it’s still available:




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