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Mobile Web Design Services for Small Businesses! Are You Leaving Money On Your Customers Smart Phones? Mobile Marketing is the most Powerful Marketing Medium in History!

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Freelance Marketing Group is the premier mobile web design firm for your local small businesses. The importance of being in front of your potential customers can mean the difference between a slow death or quick profits if they do not know about your products and services in the places they frequent the internet.

If you have not jumped on the Mobile Marketing Tidal Wave, it is about time you do!

So, why is it extremely important for you to have a mobile version of your current website?

Great Question…..Keep reading!

Some Facts about Mobile Web

  • Over 50% of the searches on Google are from Mobile Devices

  • 91% of American adults currently own a cell phone (including Blackberry, iPhone, and other devices that are also technically a cell phone)

  • A teen typically sends or receives 50 text messages a day, while the average adult sends or receives 10

  • 5 billion people subscribe to cell phone service, but only 1.8 billion have Internet access.

  • Over 200 Million People access Facebook via a mobile device

  • SMS Text Messages have a 97% open rate as compared to email which is about 20%


Your Mobile Web Design combined with Local Mobile Marketing has the power to reach more people with less competition and with less money.

This makes mobile marketing extremely powerful. Now is the time to separate yourself from the other local area businesses and get in on the ground floor, but it all starts with a mobile website.

Freelance Marketing Group can have your custom mobile web design and custom mobile marketing campaign focused on getting local results. All this can be up and running in a matter of days.

We offer two pricing models for mobile web design.  The first is a flat rate fee where we creating a dynamically updated mobile website for you if you already have an existing non-mobile website.

For Existing Non-Mobile Website Owners – $299

  • Unlimited pages based on your existing content
  • Click To Call button
  • Mobile Opt-in Contact Form
  • Dynamic Google Maps locator that can leverage your Google Places listing
  • One custom-created Video promotion

The second is a standalone mobile website that is custom built from the ground up, whether you already have a website or now.  It’s pricing is based on the number of pages that you want in the design:

Custom Mobile Web Design

  • 3 Page Mobile Web Design $299
  • 5 Page Mobile Web Design $499
  • 7 Page Mobile Web Design $567
  • 10+ Page Mobile Web Design $799

Now, wouldn’t you agree that it is pretty uncommon to buy just a cheese burger without fries and a drink? We are certain you know that in order for a website to come alive it needs to be marketed, so while you are here check out our local mobile marketing and custom sms text messaging packages.


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