How To Leverage Solo Ads To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Posted by on Sep 24, 2015 in Email Marketing

How To Leverage Solo Ads To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Why are Solo Ads so important?

Solo ads are an extremely effective form of marketing and they are nine-times out of ten able to bring a massive flow of new traffic to your website. They are also very common in the use of promoting a sale that is for a limited time only or an offer that is only available for a short time.

drive_trafficThe basic way that a solo ad works is that you want to find a seller who is able to meet your requirements and can deliver what you are expecting when it comes to numbers, CTR (Click Thru Rate) and more. And it does not matter what your cash flow is there is a solo ad out there for you and any form of marketing and advertising is better than nothing because it is all about the word of mouth and building a good and reputable profile.

With that being said it should always be clearly noted that if you do not have much to spend on a solo ad you will not see as high of a turn back as you would if you had a lot of money to spend on a solo ad. This is mainly because of the higher efficient levels you will get when you spend more money. But it can also be because of when you don’t have a large budget to invest on the ad then those internet users that it gets sent to are more than likely not ones who enjoy getting offers in their inbox and can cause them to see your brand, name and or company in a negative outlook which is not what you want at all.traffic_from_solo_ads

On the other hand solo ads are so sought after because they are able to help build you a following a lot faster even though it is not through a process that is organic and because of this the price for a solo ad is derived to be expensive for the better results you want and for the higher amount of results that you want.

This is also why it is highly suggested for you to decide on a budget before you buy an ad and make sure that it is offering results you want and that will help you out and will work. To help get you started or at least pointed in the right direction people who use solo ads get the highest out come and best results when they are using ads on Facebook or ads on Google AdWords; both of these places are reliable, widely known, largely followed ad much more which leads to a vast following.

The other suggestion is to use a website that can be set to autopilot and this helps to generate traffic in large amounts with daily visitors. This method is also known as forum marketing and is the next best thing in comparison to solo ads.

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