How Are You Streamlining Your Social Media Tasks

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How Are You Streamlining Your Social Media Tasks

If you’re like most busy marketers and business owners, you know that trying to cram in getting all of your Social Media content organized and ready is never-ending.  Quite often, people either spend the entire day manually posting and replying to content whenever they pick up their phone or tablet or they aren’t timely at all and just don’t get around to it.

With the constant push for Digital Advertising in the marketplace, your Social Media presence is critical.  Moreover, its activity level and housekeeping is also equally important.  Recognizing this, we decided to create this post and provide you with some tips and ideas for organizing your Social Content Calendar and include a few resources that help us and our clients on a daily basis.

There are many schools of thought on whether or not to use automation in Social Media.  Some feel that it makes the natural asthetics of social media more impersonal or robotic.  Others depend entirely on automation and don’t put any personal attention into it at all.  In my opinion, both play an important role in an effective social media marketing campaign.  At Freelance Marketing Group (or FMG), we employ the use of automation and personal responses to achieve our goals.  We implement automation to ensure that a single blog post or social content get automatically distributed to the maximum amount of social channels that we can.  This includes posting to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit and others, while also creating all the Social Bookmarks on sites like Diigo, Delicous or StumbleUpon.  If you were to do so manually, you would spend hours every time you wanted to simply say something to the world.

By automating the process of creating the Social Signals, we are able to spend our time online with personal responses and detailed analysis of what matters to you as an individual.  We are a huge advocate of WordPress for our designs and solutions.  This is in most part due to the massive development and integration community that are constantly contributing to its success.  Our most important tool in our arsenal for automation is SNAP (Social Network Auto Poster) by  There is a free version of the plugin and a commercial version with no limits.  Once we decided on it, we invested in the Commercial Version for $79 (The price may be different now, but you will have to visit their website and see).

The initial setup and configuration of SNAP can possibly take a couple of hours, but it is well worth the sweat equity invested in it.  Once configured to use all of your Social Network profiles, SNAP will automatically post any new or updated changes to your content across all the social networks.  It will even create the shortened URL’s using providers like, and others, based on your preference.  You also have the ability to revisit your content and have it send out another blast to the social networks.  This is perfect if you want to re-purpose your content later on and remind others that it is there.

SNAP also allows you to simply send out a Social Post to all the profiles without having to create and actual blog post or page.  Have you ever wanted to simply post an image, URL, video or other media without all the hassle?  Well there’s your solution.

Coupled with SNAP, we also use the ShareaHolic plugin for social sharing buttons.  There are over 30 different social networks that can be used for social sharing as opposed to most similar solutions that just use the big three or four networks.  We ensure that the social sharing buttons and share counts are displayed at the bottom of all blog posts and pages on our sites.  By allowing others who read your content to share it with others quickly and easily, your social signals will increase and your readership and engagement will thrive.

Because we are on the go visiting clients quite a bit, we also use Crowdfire as a mobile app for connecting with our Twitter and Instagram connections.  We are more active on Twitter than we are by email.  With Crowdfire, we can easily keep up with our new connections, follows, spammers and more.  From one interface we are able to manage our entire Twitter account.

For keeping our day organized, we also use a Social Media Content Calendar so we don’t forget to do things online.  We typically reserve our specific calendar for our clients.  Below is a totally free template on HubSpot that you can download and use.  It also has a complete walk-through on implementing it effectively.  If you will spend a little bit of time organizing your thoughts and activities online, you will find that your productivity increases exponentially.  Here’s the link to the free calendar template:

Click Here For The Social Media Content Calendar

Below is a recap of the resources we listed for automating your efforts:

WordPress Plugins

SNAP (Social Network Auto Poster) – CLICK HERE

ShareaHolic Social Sharing Plugin – CLICK HERE

Don’t let all your time and frustration over social media tasks consume you.  Put technology to work for you.  If you need our assistance, we will be glad to help.  We will even provide a free consultation and Social Media Audit to better understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.  Simply click the link below to contact us today.


To your HUGE success

Marty Bostick
CEO/Business Developer – Freelance Marketing Group

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