Google Is Now Removing Non Verified Local Pages From Plus

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Google Is Now Removing Non Verified Local Pages From Plus

As part of Google’s ever-changing landscape, one of the more recent activities by the SEO giant is their removal of non-verified Local Pages from Google Plus.  This comes as no shock as Google is constantly striving to make the user experience more seamless and fluid.  The official date that the GMB (Google My Business) pages will be affected is July, 28th, 2015.  This update will affect any GMB pages that are not associated with actual user accounts and that are not verified.

It should also be noted that any Business View tours will remain visible on Google Maps and Google Search, even after the listing is removed.

Essentially, this will mean that any verified Google listing will also have a corresponding G+ (Google Plus) page and if not, it will still be available in their Knowledge Graph in the search.  I don’t see this being a major change for G+ other than a strong cleanup effort by Google to strengthen valid listings and remove the erroneous ones.

Based on the frequency of Google’s press releases lately, there will be many more updates forthcoming around the decoupling of their Social Network with their other mainstream products and services.  How this will directly affect current SEO rankings is still to be determined, but I do see this as a positive step in removing the “junk” listings out there.


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