Differences With Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

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Differences With Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Let’s discuss the differences of Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Marketing is without a doubt a vital key to a company’s financial success. With marketing becoming increasingly global, this broad term takes many different shapes and is interpreted in many different ways.  We are regularly asked the differences with Inbound vs Outbound Marketing. Marketing strategies are ways a business plans out a tactic on how to sell or promote a product, event, or service.  Two of these strategies are called Inbound and Outbound marketing. The two marketing tools methods sound alike, but are actually complete opposites. The Inbound marketing definition basically is when a company brings the customers rather than the consumer having to go look for them. This strategy makes it easier to locate businesses and draws consumers in clearer way.  A large part of inbound marketing’s success has been the evolution of online companies. inbound_vs_outbound_diagram1

Online businesses have created a path for inbound marketing to fully manifest. With more than three billion people now using the internet, (That’s almost half of the world’s population), the growth of online purchases of products and services has gone through the roof. Inbound marketing is increasingly being seen as the “modern” way to market virally across the globe.  Ways it is used effectively on the internet for example is seen with advertisements on websites, applications on smartphones, or even tie-ins with another online company.

Inbound Marketing has also taken the shape of various forms around the World Wide Web. It is often used in podcasts. These podcasts cover a variety of topics, spanning from international news to coverage of a specific sport. With such a variety of podcasts, advertisers can zero in on a specific one that relates to their product or service and advertise through them. This way, it hits the intended audience while doing so in a massive quantity.

Also, the power of social media has made Inbound marketing such an effective tool. Many Online businesses have made social media accounts to attract a following and promote their products on a personal scale. Another factor that helps is how many forms there are of social media, allowing a company to run several pages, allowing more exposure to consumers.

inbound-vs-outbound-diagramOn the other side of online marketing is outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is the complete opposite of inbound marketing where the customer finds you. This is proven to be far less effective in the technological age, but yet is still used to this day. An example is an advertisement on TV or telemarketing. Similar to what we have discussed before, but instead of being advertised to a specific audience, it is exposed to everyone. It may seem like a way to drive more attraction to your business, but simply does not. Outbound marketing often costs more than inbound marketing, and provides less of a desired result.

Unlike inbound marketing, success rate with outbound marketing is far less significant. You may be having more eyes on your company, but only for a brief second. Most consumers will brush off the TV ads as cheap, useless products and immediately ignore calls from telemarketers. This not only can lead to less attention to your business, but can also give it a bad reputation. Also another form of outbound marketing is direct mail or email. Like the telemarketing calls or TV advertisements, these will simply be ignored. Most of the mail or email that is sent out by a company as a marketing strategy is usually thrown away or deleted. Overall, outbound marketing is just far too outdated and from a consumer’s standpoint, is simply annoying to deal with.

So what is the best strategy to use in this case? While outbound marketing is still used today, and may strike some possible success down the line, it is far too inferior to inbound marketing. Inbound marketing hits the targeted consumers and does it in a more natural, relaxed way. It is used in such a way that isn’t overbearing the consumer, thus attracting them to the company’s product or service. If you still ever find yourself asking what marketing technique to use for your business, most of the time, the best bet is to use the superiority of inbound marketing.

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