Business Leads Generation Using Twitter

Posted by on Jul 18, 2015 in Featured, Local Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Business Leads Generation Using Twitter

Business leads generation using social media sites such as Twitter is a technique that many look at as the new  thing in business. The problem is most feel that the job must be left to some young, tech wiz who’s in the know and down with all the cool kids. Twitter and other social media sites seem to intimidate older and more established businesses, but it shouldn’t. This article will go over the basics of using social media to promote your business.

First, invest in good quality. This will always be true no matter what age you’re living in. If you have a quality product, it will generate interest. If your product is not good, there is very little that marketing can do to help it in the long term. This is even more true in a world with the internet. Bad news spreads much faster than good news, and complaints about your product or service will spread much faster and count for much more. The 99 clients that walked away satisfied are not likely to say so, but the 1 customer who isn’t will complain, and shape the view of your business for all others. You’ll have to be wary of bad reviews. Invest in your product first.

Secondly, you’re going to want to invest in good copy. Social media is exactly what its name suggests. It is a way for people to share media files that interest them. Articles, videos, pictures, websites. Social media thrives because people want to share what they are doing and how they are doing it. Therefore, the best way to generate leads using sites like Twitter is to ensure that you have something to be linked to.

Having a good website is a must. In order to have quality business leads generation, your website is your storefront and is more important than your physical space, especially for a start-up business. But having a good website isn’t enough when it comes to social media as you must always have something new to share. Invest in creating good copy about your product. Have your own reporter who’s job is to search out interesting stories about your product or your service and how it has affected your clients. Be creative, and generate content about the issue your product or service addresses. For example, if you are offering tax software, make sure that you are doing a story about the recent IRS scandal. You should be a source of information about your field as well as a source of a service. This will drive traffic to your company, and it will ensure that your clients view you as an authority to be trusted.

Once you have good content that you want people to see, you can use Twitter to get the word out. Post links from your own Twitter account, and stay abreast of any hashtags that may be relevant to your business or the topic of your copy. Hashtags are ways of categorizing tweets by their subject matter. Ideally, every tweet about an issue will have the same hashtag, making it easy for Twitter users to look up all of the information on Twitter about a certain subject. The system isn’t perfect however, so you’ll have to stay abreast of the hashtags being used, or hire someone to do that for you. Remember that social media is about having something to talk about right now and you’ll always be able to use it well.

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